Let's put our lamps into selective bins | WWF
Let's put our lamps into selective bins

Posted on 03 September 2018

Did you know that our light bulbs, especially the so-called economic ones, contain mercury, a metal that poses a potential environmental and health threat?
This is one of the reasons why WWF has provided a machine to the waste collection service of the city of Antananarivo (SAMVA). This machine is capable of recovering the mercury contained in used lamps and isolating the surrounding glass debris.
To facilitate the collection, selective recovery bins for used lamps were distributed to 61 fokontany of the capital. "Since the introduction of this selective bin in our grocery store customers have come to throw their old bulbs. They know where their old bulbs have to go when they are worn out, "says the owner of a grocery store in Antsakaviro, between Homeopharma and the Ankadivato catholic church.
SAMVA will regularly collect the used bulbs that are commected and are sent to the Andralanitra landfill. "Thanks to the partnership set up, the collection and processing of mercury-containing lamps is now part of the services that SAMVA offers to all those who are interested, including companies," concludes Thierry Randriamanalina from WWF.
Sorting bins of a grocery store in Antsakaviro
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka