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A machine serving the environment

Posted on 31 May 2018

Since May, the waste collection service of Antananarivo (SAMVA) has been using a machine that extracts mercury from our used light bulbs.

"It is important to point out that, in large quantities, mercury can harm not only human health but also our environment. Mercury escaping from broken fluorescent bulbs can contaminate the air, the soil and the water ... hence the interest of separating them from our household waste and putting them in sorting bins ", explains Thierry Randriamanalina, the person in charge of the lightning initiative at WWF, who granted the machine.

In September 2017, sorting bins in 63 districts were installed to collect used lamps. The measure has been very successful. Over 2,000 lamps have been collected in a container located at the waste landfill of Andralanitra, and are now waiting to pass through the machine that will sequester the mercury and isolate the glass fragments. The machine neutralizes the mercury thanks to its carbon filter, which will be isolated in a hermetic pit after several uses.

A simple gesture for our environment, let's put our light bulbs into the sorting bins
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka
The machine sequesters in this barrel the mercury of our bulbs users
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka
SAMVA collects the used bulbs and places them in a container before passing them into the machine
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka