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25,000 mangrove propagules planted in a 10 hectare cleared site

Posted on 26 April 2018

The local community of Ambilobe rushed to Antsatrana, in the district of Beramanja, to reforest a total of 25,000 mangrove propagules on a 10 hectare cleared site.
No time to lose! Just a day after the launch of a fishing management plan in northwest Madagascar, the local community of Ambilobe, supported by local authorities and technical partners, rushed to Antsatrana to reforest mangroves.
This was the first step towards achieving the aims set out in this fishing management plan in the Ambaro Bays of Tsimipaika, Ampasindava and the Nosy Be Archipelago (BATAN). The plan was put in place in February 2018 with the objective of facilitating the proper management of fishing resources and the perservation of mangroves and coral reefs.
"We can say that fishermen are the first beneficiaries of this reforestation because mangroves are ecological homes for seafood products such as crabs and shrimp, which are our sources of income. The more mangroves there are, the more we will gradually return our fishing resources that have decreased considerably in recent years", said the president of the federation of fishermen, Felix Randrianasolo.
The fishing management plan in BATAN is Madagascar's third fishing management plan, and was formalized and launched in the Diana region on April 19th and 20th. It brings with it the hope of increased income and improved living conditions for the community. And this is just the beginning; the best is yet to come!
Ambilobe students showed their enthusiasm for reforestation
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka
25,000 propagules for this 10ha site
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka
The local community of Ambilobe supported by local authorities and various technical partners
© WWF Madagascar / Rindra Andrianjanaka