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SLCV Landscape

With the largest intact forest cover in Greater Mekong, Laos has a unique opportunity to contribute to the global fight against climate change.

Sustainable forests and watershed areas provide food and livelihood practices to local communities and secure economic investments, acting as insurance against erosion and flood for roads and hydropower dams. Regional carbon trading schemes likewise give good incentive to conserve Lao's forest cover, and help tackle the global challenge of climate change.

Over the last 50 years, population and development pressures have decreased forest cover in Laos from 70 percent to just over 40 percent, and that figure is shrinking by 0.6 percent a year.

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Map of SLCV Landscape
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Landscape Contact:

Somphone Bouasavanh
Country Director

P.O.Box. 7871
Vientiane, Laos

T. + 856 21 216080
F. + 856 21 251883

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