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WWF restores vital wetlands and floodplains along the Danube River by 2020

Posted on 29 November 2016    
Colony of Terns at one of the Danube islands
© Anton Vorauer WWF
Vienna - The Danube River, which is the European Union’s longest river, has seen 80% of its floodplains and wetlands disappear due to human interventions over the past 150 years. WWF's work for a Living Danube aims to bring back the natural freedom and richness of the river. WWF cooperates with people living along the river from its source to the Delta to revive the river and secure opportunities for sustainable agriculture and ecotourism.

The Living Danube Partnership directly contributes to one-third of the objectives of Danube countries to restore 151.3 km² of floodplain and wetland areas by 2021. The Danube has always been home to diverse natural habitats and bless for the people living by. WWF continuously work to improve the conditions of the wetlands and protected areas in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary.

Watch the videos to get to know WWF’s work in the region

Wetlands restoration in Garla Mare I WWF-Romania

In Romania, the projects will focus on restoration work at the former Garla Mare Fish Farm along the Lower Danube Green Corridor, the location for one of Europe’s most ambitious wetland protection and restoration initiatives. WWF has already become one of the custodians of the Natura 2000 site at Garla Mare.


Wetlands restoration in Siroki Rit I WWF-Serbia

In Serbia, the project focuses on restoration work of the Siroki Rit wetland which has already started and will be finished by 2017. The area lies on the Danube floodplain, but was disconnected from the river by dykes. The aim is to improve the water regime throughout the year.

Wetlands restoration in Persina I WWF-Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the project focuses on Persina Nature Park. The aim is to restore over 30 km² of river habitats that are home to 6 threatened and endangered fish species by removing migration obstacles and building a fish pass. This restoration work will help improve the river’s conservation status.


Wetlands restoration at Old Drava I WWF-Hungary

In Hungary, the project focuses on restoration work along the Barcs-Old-Drava former meander, in cooperation with Croatia. The area is part of the future five-country Mura-Drava-Danube Trans-Boundary Biosphere Reserve, sometimes referred to as “Europe’s Amazon”. The aim is restore the Barcs-Old-Drava oxbow, which is the longest natural riverside lake in Hungary, on the left side of the Drava River, spanning 15 km. The wetland restoration projects in Hungary will enhance sustainable land use and provide space for rare and threatened species along the Drava.

Wetlands restoration along Drava River I WWF-Croatia

In Croatia, the project focuses on restoration activities along the Drava River, which is part of the future five-country Mura-Drava-Danube Trans-Boundary Biosphere Reserve, referred to as “Europe’s Amazon”, as it stretches from Austria, across Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and onto Serbia. The aim is to restore or recreate seven sidearms that will improve natural river dynamics and habitats, flood risk mitigation, ecotourism and recreation.


About the project

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Learn more about Living Danube: http://livingdanube.wwf.hu/

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