Leopard is back to "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve | WWF
Leopard is back to "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve

Posted on 17 April 2018

For the first time in the "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve’s history, WWF camera traps captured Caucasian leopard’s photos and videos. It’s a young male which has never been photographed before.

Mr. Karen Manvelyan, director of WWF Armenia, said: "When we started to work in Armenia in 2002, there was no leopard in the country. One of the first steps taken was the recovery and protection of leopard habitats. A few years later, we registered the first success; we got pictures of leopards from camera traps. At "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve we periodically found traces of leopard, but we have never been able to capture photos. Today we can confidently state that the Caucasian leopard is back to the reserve. This is wonderful news, which indicates that management level in the reserve is on a high level."
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