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Procurement of Goods and Services

Tender Announcement on Purchase and delivery of Caucasian Red Deer (Cervus elaphus maral) to the breeding centre of Dilijan National Park

Title: Purchase and delivery of Caucasian Red Deer (Cervus elaphus maral) to the breeding centre of Dilijan National Park
Duration: 2 months
Tender Individual number: 01/18/WWF-AM0019
Contract Starting Date: March, 2018
Date announcement: 22 of February, 2018

Within frameworks of «Reintroduction of the Caucasian Red Deer in Armenia» Project WWF-Armenia is planning the purchase and transportation of a breeding stock of Caucasian Red Deer (Cervus elaphus maral) to a breeding facility in Dilijan National Park.
WWF-Armenia is interested in the purchase of 2 (two) males and 4 (four) females of the specified subspecies.
Scope of Work:
Offered stock must meet the following requirements:
Taxon: Cervus elaphus maral. The animals must conform to the phenotypical and genetic traits found in the Cervus elaphus population native to the Asia Minor, Caucasus and South Caspian region of Iran.

Age: 1-3 years old.

Prices: it is required to present rates for male and females separately.  

Origin: Animals must be captive bred with at least 4 generations of genetic history available for each of them.  Inbreeding rate must be specified, and observed indications of genetic drift avoided.

Handling: Specify, if the animals were bottle-raised. Specify, whether the animals allow handling for inspection and veterinary procedures. Specify if the boarding for transportation will require tranquilization.

Vet history: Information on vaccinations, testing, or other health practices that were applied to the offered animals, with supporting documentation. Appropriate veterinary documents necessary for the export and import of the animals must be supplied in addition.

Quarantine: Animals must be quarantined for at least 20 days before delivery to the breeding facility in Dilijan National Park.

Feeding: Information on feeding program at the supplier facility – feeding schedule and food composition, seasonal varieties, supplements, etc.
Transportation requirements:
Transportation of the animals from supplier facilities to the breeding center in Dilijan National park must meet all the standard safety requirements of stress free deer transportation, i.e.
  • proper boarding and un-boarding of the animals,     
  • removal of antlers in the male before boarding (if present),
  • appropriate size and design of individual cages (available from WWF-Armenia office upon request),
  • insurance of sanitary conditions,
  • health, resting, feeding and watering requirements of the animals during the transportation
Health and safety of the purchased and transported animals remain under the full responsibility of the executant company until the animals are received at the  breeding center in Dilijan National Park after passing the quarantine period.  
Applicant must provide price quotation along with the following documentation and information:
  1. Financial report for the last two years with a positive balance.
  2.  Similar contract successfully implemented including a contract completion certifying act approved by the contacting parties.
  3. Appropriate license required for implementation of relevant works.
  4. State Register certificate of Legal Entities.
  5.  Appropriate technical resources (transportation track, boxes for animal transportation).
  6. Availability of quarantine facilities for animals. 
  7. Appropriate human resources including a Veterinarian and Caretaker.
  8. Previous experience in international purchase and transportation of animals
Necessary information:
  • Country/region of the breeding stock supplier
  • Expected terms of delivery of the breeding stock to Dilijan National Park
  • Expected duration of the transportation process (hours/days)
The necessary documentation should be transferred to WWF-Armenian office in a sealed and signed envelope not later than 28 of March 2018
Address for submission of applications:
11/1 Proshyan Str., 0019,
Yerevan, Armenia
Email address:
Tel: (00374 10) 58 89 83/54 61 56

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