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WWF International President's Award

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International President's Award

WWF has launched a new conservation award to honour outstanding young people who are committed to protect the natural world and help people live in harmony with nature.

The WWF International President’s Award aims to recognise young people who are already active in conserving the natural environment, achieving significant success and/or innovative approaches, and whose efforts are influencing and inspiring others.

WWF International President Yolanda Kakabadse, who initiated the award, said: “This Award shines a light on brilliant young people who are working hard to protect the natural world. We desperately need young leaders and pioneers joining the nature conservation movement and sharing their passion and skills”. She added that there are countless examples of such actions around the world, and WWF hopes that by showing what can be achieved this will encourage others to take up the

“My dearest wish is that it inspires others with the energy and ambition to achieve great heights” she said.

The annual WWF International President’s Award acknowledges and encourages outstanding achievements of young people under the age of 30 who are making strong and compelling contributions to nature conservation, and helping improve the lives of local communities.

Nominations are invited via WWF offices around the world.

Recipients of the International President's Award

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2017 - Adeline Tiffanie Suwana (Indonesia) and Rohan Chakravarty (India)
2016 - Brighton Kaoma (Zambia)
2015 - Isak Utsi (Sweden)
2014 - Carmen Maria Araceli Monges (Paraguay)
2013 - Kerstin Forsberg (Peru/Italy)
2012 - Dawa Steven Sherpa (Nepal/Belgium)
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Indonesian environmental youth champion, Adeline Tiffanie Suwana and Indian wildlife and environment cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty have won 2017's WWF International President’s Award for their efforts to inspire change and attitudes towards nature.

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