ASC salmon available in key Japanese market

Posted on 08 May 2014    
Villa Leppefisk Vestnes, Noruega
© Jo Benn / WWF
Atlantic salmon from Norway certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is now available for consumers in Japan, one of the world’s largest seafood consumer nations. An estimated 60% of the world’s farmed salmon is produced in Norway and Chile, and much is exported to Japan. Farmed fish now makes up half of all seafood and demand is growing. The ASC was set up by WWF and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative in 2010 to address the threats posed by aquaculture including pollution, disease and escape of farmed fish into the wild. ASC ensures the most robust standards to ensure minimal impacts on the marine environment and social impacts.
Villa Leppefisk Vestnes, Noruega
© Jo Benn / WWF Enlarge

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