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Emily Geer
WWF International
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WWF International
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At COP15

 / ©: WWF / Richard Stonehouse
Mass 'Climate Shame' demonstration outside the Klimaforum temporary building, where all NGO's set up a new base after being denied further access to the Bella Centre. Hundreds of protesting people hold cut-out masks with the faces of the world leaders up to protest about the shame that should be felt, if a fair, full and binding agreement is not reached at the summit. Onkel Dannys Plads, COP 15, United Nations Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
© WWF / Richard Stonehouse
Events and WWF activities at and around COP15:
7 - 19 December 2009

Two weeks of COP15 in a glimpse
(Top 100 pictures)

The Events, Day-by-Day...

Friday, 18 December (Day12)
Thursday, 17 December (Day11)
Wednesday, 16 December (Day10)
Tuesday, 15 December (Day 9) Monday, 14 December (Day 8) Sunday, 13 December (Day 7) Saturday, 12 December (Day 6) Friday, 11 December (Day 5) Thursday, 10 December (Day 4) Wednesday, 9 December (Day 3) Tuesday, 8 December (Day 2) Monday, 7 December (Day 1) Sunday, 6 December Saturday, 5 December
Before Copenhagen...

What is it like? Inside & Outside the Events...

 / ©: Katrine Clante /
Keeping the overall global warming below 2 degrees Celsius danger threshold.
© Katrine Clante /

 / ©: WWF / Richard Stonehouse
Lone delegate working in the Karen Blixen overflow plenary room, COP 15, UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
© WWF / Richard Stonehouse

Can't find what you're looking for?

Access and search ALL PICTURES from COP15...
300 volunteers expanding the outlet channel of a glacier lake, Bhutan.
© Tashi Tshering/WWF Bhutan

Climate Change Stories

Climate change is affecting many people and the environment around the world. Its not an abstract concept discussed in Copenhagen, but it is about us & our future!

Climate Change In General

 / ©: WWF / Wim VAN PASSEL
Drifting ice in the Arctic.
From melting polar ice caps to melting glaciers at the World's highest peaks; from polar bears to wind turbines; from coral bleaching to air travel; and from catastrophic storms & weather events to low energy lightbulbs, Climate Change now affects habitats, species, and the way we live all over the World.

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Bigger Picture Visual Explanations

 / ©: Smits / WWF
Everyone, rich and poor, black and white, northern or southern, wants a climate deal in Copenhagen. It is not a pile of papers but the future of all of us and next generations that is at stake in Copenhagen.
© Smits / WWF
WWF has partnered with, who are helping depict the complex negotiations in simple and easy to understand illustrations.

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WWF Personalities & Spokespersons

 / ©: WWF / Ezequiel Scagnetti
WWF International Director General discusses the global ecological footprint at the launch of the 2006 Living Planet Report. Beijing, China.
© WWF / Ezequiel Scagnetti
WWF has experts and spokespersons active on climate change and at COP15.

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