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WWF response to Sanchi oil tanker collision

Posted on 15 January 2018
The ocean
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In response to the Sanchi oil tanker sinking in the East China Sea, Ghislaine LLewellyn, Deputy Director of WWF’s Ocean Practice, said:

“WWF thoughts are with the families of those tragically killed in the Sanchi oil tanker collision.

“We now have an environmental disaster unfolding before our eyes. The stricken tanker is leaking its cargo of condensate, which is toxic to marine mammals, fish, sea turtles and seabirds. WWF calls for the urgent mobilisation of all available containment equipment to remove the toxic slick and reduce the threat it poses to marine life.”

The tanker went down at the edge of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. WWF notes that this is an extremely complex area of currents and there is no way of knowing where this toxic slick could go.

“The Yellow Sea is one of the richest and most productive marine environments on the planet, and is a relatively shallow shelf and therefore highly vulnerable to the toxic slick from this disaster.

“We are now in a race against time to contain this toxic slick and prevent it contaminating fish and shellfish and killing marine life. This is a sharp reminder of the inherent risk in fossil fuels," 
added Llewellyn.

The ocean
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