MEPs fail at the last hurdle to set credible limits on biofuels

Posted on 11 September 2013  | 
(Strasbourg, 11th September) Today the European Parliament voted to introduce a 6% limit on the use of land-based biofuels by 2020 and agreed a new method of accounting for Indirect Land-Use Change in the Fuel Quality Directive. While these measures are welcome, showing a resolve to confront the issue, they are too little too late.
Commenting on today’s vote, Imke Lübbeke, Renewable Energy Senior Policy Officer at WWF European Policy Office said:
“While it is positive that MEPs have drawn a line in the sand and introduced a limit for biofuels, EU legislation needs to do more. 
Parliament wants to delay accounting for indirect land use change from biofuels – a significant problem – until 2020, and even only in one of the two relevant pieces of legislation, leaving a major gap.
Their action today does not give the market the right incentives to provide cleaner biofuels for the European transport sector.
It is now up to the EU Member States to act responsibly, and improve the Parliament’s position, helping  Europe on its transition to a more sustainable energy future.”
WWF, as well as several social and environmental groups, have expressed concerns about the indirect impacts caused by the production of land- and food crop-based biofuels.
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