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WWF radio show on environment is a success in the Amazon

Posted on 19 January 1999    
Radio is the main communications media for the rural population in the Brazilian Amazon region, particularly those living in isolation and who are reached only by radio short wave.

Furthermore, the Natureza Viva (Living Nature) radio program is an effective tool for environment education, dissemination of news and ecologically sound practices. This was demonstrated by the first audience research conducted in the Amazon rural area, conducted WWF by the Communications Department of the Piracicaba Methodist University (UNIMEP), from Sco Paulo.

A total of 540 people were interviewed in 5 States of the Amazon region, during August and September 1998. The results were very encouraging:

Radio is the main source of information for 83.6% of the small land owners
13.1% of them use short wave radio (frequency used by the program)
76.7% of the listeners declared they had already put into practice at least one concept or lesson learned from Natureza Viva
100% of the rural leaders are familiar with the Natureza Viva radio program
84.9% of the users of short wave radio listen to Natureza Viva at least twice a week and 11.65% of the rest of them have already heard about the program

Over two-thirds of the people interviewed for the poll rated the program as "excellent" or "good" Produced by WWF with the partnerships of the Brazilian Environmental Ministry, IBAMA (the Brazilian environmental agency) and GTA (a work group representing 300 NGOs within the Amazon region), Natureza Viva is since 18 January back on air after an interruption of four and a half months, due to the changes in the transmission policies of Radio Nacional da Amaztnia, the government-owned radio station which broadcasts the program.

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