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WWF and Greenpeace Welcome the Initiative of Argentina, Looking Into Details

Posted on 11 November 1998    
Buenos Aires.- Today, President Carlos Menem of Argentina stated his country's intention to take on a commitment under the Kyoto Protocol in the same time period as industrialized countries. The President set forth a one year process to develop a national target. He did not provide any details on what type of target is being considered, but stated his intention to introduce the specific commitment at the Fifth Conference of the Parties next year.

WWF and Greenpeace together welcome the initiative of Argentina. This provides an important signal that there is real political momentum to implement the Kyoto Protocol, said Lars Georg Jensen of WWF International.

Whilst welcoming the initiative we will however be watching to ensure that Argentina brings forward an environmentally-friendly target, stated Bill Hare, delegation leader of Greenpeace International. This target should exclude hot air and be developed with all constituencies in Argentina.

The Argentine initiative will help this Conference by raising the pressure to agree on the crucial decisions required to implement the Kyoto Protocol. It directly rebuts the blocking and delaying tactics of the OPEC countries. Finally, it sends a signal to industry around the world that this Protocol is going to work and will be implemented, said Jensen and Hare.

The movement by Argentina to take on commitments should be backed by concrete action at home to remove blockages to renewable energy, such as wind power. President Menem could, for example, move immediately to lift his recent veto of a wind power law for Argentina, said Bill Hare.


For more information, please contact:

Holger Roenitz, Greenpeace International, tel: +54 (15) 423-8136 / office: 806-5852/5658

Andrew Kerr, WWF International, tel: +54 (15) 969-7117/ office: 806-6269

Natalia Truchi, Greenpeace Argentina, tel: +54 (15) 434-8517/ office: 806-5852/5658

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