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Each week we pick an image from the WWF-Canon Global Photo Network to share with you and show the breadth and scope of our work: To build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

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(c) WWF-Canon / Michele Depraz

Glaciers: Going, going, gone !

Global Warming is melting glaciers in every region of the world, putting millions of people at risk from floods, droughts and lack of drinking water. Glaciers are ancient rivers of compressed snow that creep through the landscape, shaping the planet’ ...

(c) WWF-Canon / Nigel Dickinson

Beware: Toxic! Chemicals and the Living Planet

There is not one animal or person on Earth - from a polar bear in the Arctic, a tree-frog in the tropical rainforest, to a newborn child anywhere on this planet - that has not been exposed to a cocktail of man-made chemicals. Almost all of them have ...

(c) WWF-Canon / Tanya Petersen

Keep it cold, Save the Arctic !

The Arctic region has some of the largest unfragmented areas of wilderness in the world. Most of the boreal forests in northern Canada and the tundra plains of Siberia exist much as they did thousands of years ago. However with the ongoing search for ...

(c) WWF / Fritz Poelking

The Giant Panda

Pandas now live on islands. In many senses it is true, and it is why they are under threat of extinction.

A booming Chinese population has filled the valleys between the mountains where the pandas live. Being shy elusive creatures, the pan ...

(c) WWF-Canon / Edward Parker

Forests: For Life!

Conserving forests means conserving life. Forests provide us with an incredible array of natural resources such as timber products, wood fibre for paper, and medicinal plants. Forests purify the air we breathe. They preserve watersheds, and help impr ...

WWF-Canon / Anton VORAUER

Freshwater - Precious Sources

Healthy freshwater systems are precious and essential sources to maintain and enhance the quality of life around the world.

Wetland ecosystems are often mistakenly undervalued. Few people realize the range of products derived from freshwater ha ...

WWF-Canon / Roger LEGUEN

On the Ground in French Guiana

Cecil Richard-Hansen, Dr in Eco-Ethnology specialised in animal behaviour, and Roger Le Guen, Photographer, joined their talents for the realisation of a beautiful book called 'Guyane ou le voyage ecologique' (French Guiana, an ecological journey). ...

WWF-Canon / Anton VORAUER

The Danube - Europe's Blue River

As the second largest river in europe, the Danube connects over 80 million people in 10 countries, provides clean drinking water for more than 20 million people and was and is playing a major role in European history.

Despite its ecological and ...

© WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY

The African Elephant

The African elephant is the world's largest land mammal, with males weighing up to 7,500 kg. There are two subspecies - the savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana africana) inhabits grasslands and woodlands mostly in east and southern Africa; th ...

© WWF-Canon / Chris MARAIS

For People and Nature - World Park Congress

"...a global network of well-managed protected areas, sustaining biodiversity and natural resources across entire ecosystems, helping to reduce poverty, providing environmental services and resilience to long-term change, protecting threatened hu ...

WWF-Canon / S. RICH

WWF Cork oak landscapes programme

Mediterranean landscapes, traditionally rich in cork oak forests, have for centuries maintained a balance between people and nature. Spread across Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, these landscapes play a vital role. From ...

WWF-Canon / Martin HARVEY

WWF in East Africa

WWF EARPO: an office dealing with a vast array of environmental issues occurring over a large and diverse territory. From coral reefs, to snow topped mountains, deserts to lush jungle, EARPO is at the heart of where the global conservation movement w ...

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