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The Danube - Europe's Blue River

WWF-Canon / Anton VORAUER

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Lake inside reeds with White waterlily (Nymphaea alba), Ismail Islands, Ukraine

The Danube Delta is the second largest wetland complex in Europe, but over 80% of the Danube River Basin wetlands have been destroyed since the turn of the century.

To halt further degradation and even return this trend, WWF together with the government of Romania has initiated, in cooperation with the governments of Bulgaria, Moldova and the Ukraine, the creation of the Green Corridor of natural wetlands along the Lower Danube. The largest international, cross-border wetland restoration and protection initiative in Europe, this gallery of green will include 900,000 ha of wetlands, lakes, flooded areas, floodplain forests, and meadows.

But a river does not end at its banks - its wetland, its open water-body, its floodplain, its riparian zone and its inhabitants form a complex ecosystem where one is depending on the other.

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