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"...a global network of well-managed protected areas, sustaining biodiversity and natural resources across entire ecosystems, helping to reduce poverty, providing environmental services and resilience to long-term change, protecting threatened human cultures and communities, and giving space for both wildlife and people..."

WWF is working harder than ever to establish a global network of ecologically representative and effectively managed land, freshwater, and marine protected areas. With 40 years experience, targeted conservation goals, and projects combining practical field implementation with highlevel policy work in over 100 countries, we are uniquely placed to lead protected area work into the 21st century.


Our partners from indigenous people, local communities, park managers, and NGOs, to governments, international organizations, development agencies, landowners, and industry — have always been integral to our protected area work. Indeed one of our guiding principles is to build and strengthen working relationships for conservation. Only by working together can we secure the future of our planet s natural areas: bringing benefits to both people and nature.

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Bhekepi Dlamini harvesting common sedge

The sustainable use of sedge grasses for weaving allows Ntuli women living around the Mbongolwane wetland, a Ramsar Site in the Republic of South Africa, to earn regular incomes.
Bhekepi Dlamini says her life was very difficult when her husband died a few years ago. But since she started to cut common sedge (Cyperus latifolia) and work with the craft group Thubaleth’elihle (which means "Our good opportunity" in Zulu), she has started to generate her own income by making conference bags from the wetland plants.

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