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On the Ground in French Guiana

Cecil Richard-Hansen, Dr in Eco-Ethnology specialised in animal behaviour, and Roger Le Guen, Photographer, joined their talents for the realisation of a beautiful book called 'Guyane ou le voyage ecologique' (French Guiana, an ecological journey).

The illustration conveys a true feel of the atmosphere of the tropical rainforest and of the coastal mangrove swamps. It underlines their flora and fauna curiosities, as well as the working conditions of those who have a keen interest in their study.

A book that is not only a pleasure for the eyes - a travel invitation - but also a source of information highlightin the different efforts that will contribute to a better understanding of the ecosystem and the future sustainable management of the natural resources of this South American French Department.

WWF-Canon / Roger LEGUEN

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Scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber), French Guiana

The Scarlet ibis owes its flamboyant red colour to its diet, which consits mainly of small shellfish such as shrimps. The large colonies of Scarlet ibises can only survive in healthy mangrove forests. The species has been fully protected in the French Guiana since 1976.

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