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Mediterranean landscapes, traditionally rich in cork oak forests, have for centuries maintained a balance between people and nature. Spread across Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, these landscapes play a vital role. From species such as the Iberian lynx to local rural communities, the cork oak forests have provided shelter and a way of life for all.

Launched in July 2004, WWF's five-year Cork Oak Landscapes Programme aims to protect, manage, and restore the natural wealth of cork oak forests by influencing the policies, practices and markets that affect them.

The programme addresses key challenges by promoting sustainable markets, improving governance, changing policy, building capacity at local, national and international levels, and demonstrating solutions through field projects. It will focus first on Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia, and is based on four inter-related pillars including capacity building, good practices establishment, market support, and policy/advocacy.

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Cork oak barks stocked, Ribatejo region, Portugal.

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