WWF, among the pioneers of solar energy in Madagascar | WWF
WWF, among the pioneers of solar energy in Madagascar

Posted on 10 January 2019

This is the beginning of a great adventure for WWF Madagascar who took the step by adopting solar energy in one of its main offices since last November.

Indeed, thanks to the support of a Chinese company Trina Solar, the WWF Madagascar office in Antsakaviro benefited from 54 solar panels and has a capacity of 12 kWh with an "on grid" installation. In short, the simple combination of solar panels and inverters remains coupled on the facilities of the local electricity company, in order to allow a large part of equipment to operate on solar energy.


The most striking point is that the office in Antsakaviro now produces more electricity than it consumes, and injects the unused rest to the network of JiRaMa (Jiro sy Rano Malagasy), which ultimately is advantageous for both parties. It is also important to highlight the ecological impact of this changeover, which has made it possible for WWF to put into practice what it advocates as the office significantly reduced its CO2 emissions since then. "The inverter informs us every day about the production in kWh but also the resulting CO2 reduction. For example, on 2nd of December 2018, we produced 53 kWh and thus reduced our CO2 emission by 37.5 kg. This is consistent after one year." says Zina Rakotoarisoa of WWF Madagascar.


Clean, renewable, available ... Solar energy should benefit everyone according to WWF Madagascar. And to emphasize this commitment, the WWF office in Nanisana will benefit from these facilities this year. This switch to solar energy may be a small step for man but will remain a big step in the fight against climate change.

The solar panels on WWF Antsakaviro office's rooftop
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