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A « SMART » management for Protected Areas

Posted on 08 January 2019

A big step forward for the conservation! In December, a pressure monitoring tool in Protected Areas was adopted by the Government.

Since 2015, WWF Madagascar, hand in hand with the Wildlife Conservation Society, International Conservation, TRAFFIC and with the support of USAID Madagascar, has promoted the use of the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) to ensure the good management of Protected Areas in Madagascar.

The SMART tool can detect and monitor pressures such as land clearing, illegal logging, poaching, natural disasters, etc. in Protected Areas.

Protected areas in WWF's priority landscapes, namely the Northern Mozambique Channel, Manambolo Tsiribihina, Mahafaly and the Northern Highlands, are already benefiting from their use. "Harmonization of these monitoring tools has the advantage of allowing all managers of Protected Areas to take appropriate management measures and evaluate their management performance both locally and internationally”, says Rasolozaka Tojo of WWF.

WWF Madagascar hopes that the standardization of these tools will contribute to a more effective management of protected areas in Madagascar.