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MOSAIC reports, 2006

Posted on 30 May 2006    
Ecoregional conservation in a priority landscape in Vietnam
- by Nigel Dudley, May 2006

An assessment of the WWF MOSAIC project in Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam

The Management of Strategic Areas for Integrated Conservation (MOSAIC) project in Quang Nam, Vietnam has since 2002 been working in one of seven provinces in the Central Truong Son, a priority conservation landscape identified by WWF in the Greater Truong Son ecoregion. The project is extending its work to other (and eventually all) provinces in the conservation landscape. This assessment was commissioned to help plan the extension and to gather lessons from five years of implementation. Hopefully it will also be useful in other parts of the world where WWF and its partners are attempting to implement ecoregional conservation.

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