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Pombwe BMU - Best Performing Award winners 2017

Posted on 26 August 2017    
Pombwe BMU leader with a dummy award for best performance 2017
© Gaudensia Kalabamu
The annual awards are a result of the project’s continuous internal and external assessment of BMU performance, investigating BMU activities, including evidenced number of patrols executed, executive and general meetings conducted and other performance indicators. In August this year (2017), the awards were presented by the Kilwa District Commissioner, Mr Christopher Ngubiagai.
Kilindoni and Jojo BMUs of Mafia District respectively took home 3m/- and 2m/- prize awards as the 2nd and 3rd best performing BMUs. The prize money will provide the much needed support as BMU members are volunteers and BMU activities and operations are costly. The funds will support patrols, boat fuel, purchases and hire as well as members’ participation in government-provided capacity building initiatives.
The EU-WWF Fisheries Co-management project works in and with communities and local government authorities in Kibiti, Mafia, Kilwa, Mtwara rural districts and Temeke municipality to alleviate poverty1of rural and semi-rural coastal communities – most of whose livelihoods depend on fisheries. Through the establishment, mentoring and monitoring of community-based BMUs and Village Community Banks (VICOBA), the project empowers coastal communities to implement co-management systems that generate sustainable and equitable livelihoods.
Communities are effectively mobilized to manage their marine and fisheries resources – as an arm of the local district government authority – all the while being engaged to understand, engage and share knowledge on environmental matters and best practices. Through skills and other training, fishing pressure on coastal Tanzania’s fisheries resources reduced as livelihoods and markets are sustainably diversified.
Coastal Tanzania is the home and haven for a vast number of species that make up its remarkable marine life. This precious marine life supports tourism and livelihoods for coastal communities, contributing significantly, to Tanzania’s national GPD and the health of our marine ecosystems.
Critical Contribution
WWF-Tanzania, in partnership with coastal communities and local government authorities, has been working to help manage and safeguard the ecosystem. We celebrate the dedication shown by Pombwe and other BMUs as tireless stewards committed to conserving our precious marine life.
Pombwe BMU leader with a dummy award for best performance 2017
© Gaudensia Kalabamu Enlarge

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