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World Environment Day 2017

Posted on 05 June 2017

5 June, 2017 - Let's celebrate World Environment Day 2017 and its theme of reconnecting people with nature.

On this World Environment Day, WWF Bhutan urges the global network to work together to rid our environment of plastics. Around a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year, of which a huge number find their way into the oceans or are discarded into landfill. Did you know that every piece of plastic that was ever produced still exists?

WWF Bhutan and Bhutan’s national daily newspaper - Kuensel - released a children’s advocacy book on plastics. Titled Plastikos, the publication targets young students and is written in simple English and illustrations. The booklet is aimed at changing behaviour by telling children about the bad side of using plastics. #NoMorePlasticWaste #NoPlaceForPlastic  together possible.  

The book is available online here

You can also download the book on the right
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