Encyclical adds moral arguments to act on climate change

Posted on 18 June 2015    
Pope Francis
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Statement from Yolanda Kakabadse, President of WWF International, on the release of the Papal Enclyclical Praise Be: On the Care of the Common Home":
“The message from Pope Francis adds a much needed moral approach to the climate debate. Climate change is no longer just a scientific issue; it is increasingly a moral and ethical one. It affects the lives, livelihoods and rights of everyone, especially the poor, marginalized and most vulnerable communities.
“Faced with this challenge to nature and the human family, we must respect our common home and use it judiciously and with justice. Only by rediscovering our solidarity with each other, cutting waste and adopting sustainable consumption and production patterns, can we save the planet, its vibrant diversity of life and ensure a prosperous future for us all.
WWF, as an environmental organisation, is moved by the same impulse to have a world in which human beings can live in harmony, both among themselves and with nature, with equity and solidarity.

“We hope that the increased attention on climate change and sustainable development this year turns into real commitments from all governments.  2015 must be the year of concrete decisions, just and far-reaching, the year when no one can evade action.”
Pope Francis
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