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The Greater Annamites Ecoregion Brochure

Posted on 01 September 2005    
Distinctly distinctive...
During the last ice age a ‘refuge’ of evergreen forest survived in the Annamites and many species evolved in isolation. As a result, the Annamites now have a high number of endemic species.

The rest of Asia did not experience such conditions, making the Annamites a distinctive habitat.

Incredibly diverse…
Just one of the nature reserves in the Greater Annamites contains more plant species than the whole of the United Kingdom!

An inspiration to many artists in Vietnam and Lao PDR including the famous Vietnamese poet Pham Tien Duat.

A central part of the region’s cultural history...
...harbouring the legendary network of trails famously known as the Ho Chi Minh trail used by troops during the American/Vietnam war.

A hotspot of bio-cultural diversity...
Over 70 different ethnic groups, many with their own language, call the Annamites home. Some groups have lived in these forests for thousands of years. Xin Chao! Sabadee! ooa chau! xi pau!

Nature’s medicine cabinet...
Many of the medicines used by the western world today are derived from forest products. People living in the Annamites often still rely on forest products  directly to cure a whole range of ailments.

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