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WWF Borneo Exhibition and Meeting 2014

Posted on 21 April 2014    
More than 70 WWF staff from WWF-Indonesia, WWF-Malaysia,and the Borneo supporting offices across WWF Network attended
For the first time, over 50 WWF projects in Borneo exposed their stories, both success and challenge, in an unprecedented WWF Borneo Exhibition, allowing many field staff across Borneo to meet and exchange their experiences and solutions to the whole WWF streams of works in Borneo.

The exhibition, mainly in form of presentation, accompanied by main posters on WWF Borneo strategy and panel of photo exhibition from WWF community photography project Panda CLICK!, was organized and part of the WWF Borneo Meeting 2014 that also carried out meeting for HoB governing body in parallel. Held in Miri, Sarawak, the meeting gathered more than 70 WWF staff with 29 from WWF-Indonesia and 29 from WWF-Malaysia, then a further 15 people attended from Borneo-supporting offices and programmes including WWF Australia, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore and Sweden and the WWF International species programme.

Fifty five 10-minute presentations were delivered by WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Malaysia staff, grouped under the four primary pillars of the WWF Borneo strategy. Questions and answers streamed, issues were clarified, new knowledge and insight revealed.

The supporting offices found that the overview of activities currently on going across Borneo was incredibly useful. Few had realized the full extent of work in Borneo and the Exhibition clearly laid out the progress made and the challenges that remain. On the other hand, it is clear that with the range of work and the number of overlaps between offices, WWF needs to work in a more coordinated collaboration to focus the energy and passion demonstrated.

To Fadzilawati Zahrah, known as Lynn, the Protected Area Program Officer from Sarawak office, the meeting has enabled her to meet other Borneo colleagues that she has not seen for the past few years, getting to know new counterparts for networking, meeting new people and understand what they do on the other side. “If I didn’t join this meeting, I wouldn’t know that there are also rhinos in Kalimantan. Rhino has always been my passion, and this meeting revealed the fact to me.” Like others, Lynn has hope that the meeting and particularly the expose will open new opportunity to get more funding support from the network.

While for Dede Setiawan, the Provincial Coordinator of HoB Program in East Kalimantan, the exhibition was certainly fruitful. However he suggested that if WWF plans to organize the WWF Borneo Exhibition regularly, a more focused discussion, preferably in groups, will be advantageous for field staff to maximize the opportunity to learn new things, for example identifications of better implementation models in HoB/Borneo that are adoptable in other places.

CEOs of both offices welcomed the Exhibition as it highlighted the range of work they were capable of, as individual office or as network, and committed to leading the Borneo work forward into the future.

In the meeting, WWF-Indonesia, WWF-Malaysia and the Network agreed to consolidate the work under a common framework, called WWF Borneo Programme, a framework for all of WWF’s work in Borneo. This new direction is expanding from its historical focus in HoB to the whole Borneo, with HoB as key in the area and leveraging the focus on civil society, also double up a more diverse partnership with conservation groups and other influential actors like corporations and multilateral institutions. It is hoped that with this WWF will be able to increase its conservations impact locally and contributing a model for Truly Global in action on the ground.

Signing Memorandum of Understanding between WWF-Indonesia and FORMADAT Indonesia, and between WWF-Malaysia and FORMADAT Malaysia marked the closing of meeting.
More than 70 WWF staff from WWF-Indonesia, WWF-Malaysia,and the Borneo supporting offices across WWF Network attended
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Panda CLICK! panel of exhibition
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