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The Coral Triangle Programme and the year ahead – putting fisheries, food security and livelihoods at the forefront

Posted on 19 February 2014

With a new programme leader and a revised strategy, what does the WWF Coral Triangle Programme have in store for the next few years? Find out here.
By Jackie Thomas

In 2014, many of the WWF national offices are preparing new strategic plans and are restructuring their programmes to increase effectiveness and to focus on the needs of the region and the aspirations of WWF globally for this region.

The regional Coral Triangle Programme is also charting a new phase as we complete the current strategic plan come June 2014 and start developing a new three year plan for our regional programme.

This exciting new period will utilise those platforms and enabling conditions initiated by the Coral Triangle Programme to help move forward the objectives of WWF and the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security.

Our efforts will be channelled towards “Securing Fish and Marine Resources for Food and Sustainable Futures in the Coral Triangle”.

This will require building stronger and broader collaborations nationally and regionally with governments, private sector, communities, donors and investors to leverage improved conservation policies and practices, linking businesses (fishing, aquaculture and tourism) to the places that support their continued viability and the communities who depend on the sustainable use of such places.

The Coral Triangle Programme will continue to focus on innovation in policy and advocacy, private sector transformation, and communications and marketing to support WWF globally and nationally to deliver agreed targets in this part of the world.

Our strategies will be designed to promote:

Effective Policies for Sustainable Marine Resource Management and Governance with a focus on sustainable fisheries and fish stocks, MPAs designed for fisheries and livelihoods; and sustainable conservation financing and investment in the region.

Innovation and Business Transformation in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector - The program will continue to support Innovation and Business Transformation specifically targeted at the fisheries and aquaculture sector and to build sustainable seafood and fisheries through the services of the Coral Triangle Programme’s Asia Pacific Sustainable Seafood and Trade Network (APSSTN). The program will continue to support Fisheries Improvement and Aquaculture Improvement Projects, low footprint aquaculture and Securing Fish for Food and Sustainable Futures in the Coral Triangle: through efforts to complement conservation of high priority marine biodiversity areas and expanding effective management of coastal and marine resources for food security and livelihoods in a climate change era through innovation and collaboration.

On behalf of the WWF Coral Triangle Programme, I look forward to continuing our relationships with partners and stakeholders across and beyond the Coral Triangle region as we work together towards achieving the ambitions and vision of the CTI-CFF Regional and National Plans of Action.

Tropical coral reefs. Split level of Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia.
© Jürgen Freund / WWF