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Human of Heart of Borneo

Posted on 12 November 2013    
Human Heart of Borneo
Human Heart of Borneo
Heart of Borneo is such a unique and rich place, where there is strong interconnections between the land and its peoples, between natural resources and traditional knowledge of the Dayak Indigenous groups, between the fauna and flora of Borneo, and the cultural and artistic heritage of the communities.

The one million indigenous peoples in the Heart of Borneo, comprising of more than 50 ethnic groups and languages are spread and living in the bordering areas of  Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Lewi Gala Paru, an elder from Heart of Borneo said, "Even though a boundary is drawn between us, we are of one root, one ancestor, one culture, one belief."

The Human Heart of Borneo publication sketches out the vast range of traditions, practices, and local knowledge that can also greatly benefit the world’s understanding of the rich biodiversity of this area. The report also raises the concern for the loss of language, local knowledge, and the resources of Indigenous Peoples to the development of industrial crops and plantations on the island.

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