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Caucasian Red Deer will be reintroduced in Armenia soon

Posted on 11 September 2013    
Caucasian Red Deer
© WWF-Russia / Trepet Sergey
WWF Armenia under the patronage of RA Ministry of Nature Protection and with the support of WWF Germany, Orange Armenia, Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS) and Prometey Bank launches a project on reintroducing the Caucasian Red Deer in Armenia with the main goal to set up a breeding group of the species in Dilijan National Park.

The project activities include preparation of a breeding center in Dilijan National Park, purchase and transportation of 4 male and 11 female deer to Armenia, training of the breeding center staff, keeping and breeding of animals with further release and monitoring in the nature.

“This is an unprecedented project for Armenia since there hasn’t been any disappeared species reintroduced in Armenia so far. Upon successful completion of the project the Caucasian Red Deer will inhabit in Armenia,” said Karen Manvelyan, the director of WWF Armenia , during the press conference held on September 11 in Yerevan.

The project is funded by WWF Germany (25,600,000 AMD) and Orange Armenia (10,000,000 AMD).

Orange Armenia has invested this amount in the scope of its long-term strategic partnership with WWF Armenia launched since last year. Orange Armenia supports the environmental activities of WWF Armenia by allocating 1% of the selling price of every handset and smartphone with eco-labelling to WWF Armenia. Eco-rating shows the environmental impact of each handset in terms of the technologies and materials used during its manufacturing process.

“Our partnership with WWF Armenia has launched since last year. In the scope of this partnership Orange Armenia has introduced the eco-rating system for its handsets and smartphones, which allows our customers while choosing a handset or smartphone to take into consideration its eco-friendly factor. Special thanks to our customers who directly participate in this environmental initiative, as 1% of the selling price of the handsets and smartphones they buy is allocated to WWF Armenia. In the meantime, we call on everybody to be environmentally more responsible. Learning about the eco-rating of the model while choosing a handset is a small step each of us can take to care for the environment,” said Francis Gelibter, the CEO of Orange Armenia.

Another partner of the project is Prometey Bank, which in the scope of its corporate social responsibility disseminates the message regarding donation for the project, by including it in the bank’s annual report and corporate calendar.

“Our bank gives special importance to protection of wild nature and endangered species. The design of the bank’s annual report of 2012 and corporate calendar of 2014 is dedicated to the protection of endangered animals, particularly pointing out the importance of the Red Deer reintroduction project. With the aim to support the project our bank has opened a bank account, to which each person can donate any amount of money to have their contribution in Caucasian Red Deer project. The annual reports and the calendars will be disseminated among our employees, customers, shareholders, local and foreign partners and other private and public institutions,” noted Emil Soghomonyan, the president of Prometey Bank.

The Caucasian Red Deer is one of the most endangered wildlife species in the South Caucasus. This species, once largely spread in the forests of Northern, Eastern and Southern Armenia, was disappeared a few decades ago due to poaching and habitat destruction. Now it is considered as a species which accidently enters the territory of Armenia from neighbouring countries.

Currently the Caucasian Red Deer is included in the Red Book of Armenia as “Critically Endangered” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) criteria. Major threats are poaching and habitat destruction.

For further information:

Mr. Gera Voskanyan
Partnership and Communications Manager
Tel: +374 54 61 56 (ext. 14)
Caucasian Red Deer
© WWF-Russia / Trepet Sergey Enlarge
Francis Gelibter (Orange Armenia), Karen Manvelyan (WWF Armenia) and Ashot Avalyan (Ministry of Nature Protection )
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Press Conference Participants
© WWF Armenia Enlarge
Press Conference Participants
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