Indigenous leaders who fostered the creation of Peru's most recent National Park welcomed the Minister of the Environment | WWF

Indigenous leaders who fostered the creation of Peru's most recent National Park welcomed the Minister of the Environment

Posted on 20 June 2013    
Parque Nacional Gueppi
• These three areas of 592,700 ha are intended for the conservation of the most biodiverse forests in the world.

• This complex is part of an international conservation corridor in the tri-border Peru-Ecuador-Colombia

Lima, June 15, 2013.
With the creation of the Güeppí-Sekime National Park and the Airo Pai and Huimeki Communal Reserves on October last year, a new chapter began in the life of thousands of people. This people are from the Kichwa, Secoya and Huitoto ethnic groups, who fostered the Güeppí categorization.

Last June 15, the main representatives of the National Service of Natural Protected Areas – SERNANP and the Ministry of the Environment – MINAM celebrated together with the population the final categorization of these three new NPAs. This happened during a ceremony that strengthened the commitment of both authorities and local population regarding the forests and resources conservation.

The ceremony included the official presentation of the Supreme Decree DS 006-2012-MINAM, which fostered the creation of both the National Park and the Communal Reserves. This was done by the Minister of the Environment, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, who underlined the local people’s role during this long process. “You have waited for 15 years, with much energy and dedication, to accomplish this categorization, yet it was not only the wait, but also establishing agreements with relevant authorities for the sound creation of these NPAs, with a corridor to be titled and a National Park and two Communal Reserves. You are not only the guardians of the entrance of the country, but also the main stakeholders in the landscape management”.

Furthermore, the new SERNANP Central Office was inaugurated in the province, with the goal to ensure a better control regarding the existing threats, and strengthen bonds with local people.

Tri-border conservation

The three new protected areas are part of a trinational effort, undertook by Peru, Equator and Colombia, in order to ensure the conservation of a forest block of over 4 million of hectares. In this regard, Johana Deza, WWF Specialist and Coordinator of the Putumayo Tres Fronteras Project in Peru, said “The final categorization of Güeppí strengthens the joint effort of conservation that our country shares with Equator and Colombia, and that is aimed to the coordinate management of La Paya-Güeppí-Cuyabeno Corridor within the Trinational Program Framework. It is a decision that deserves our total support and that brings us joy.” This Initiative is financed by the European Union and WWF Germany.
Parque Nacional Gueppi
© WWF Enlarge
Entrega de título Parque Nacional Güeppí
© Lucía Flores / MINAM Enlarge

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