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WWF Guide to Building REDD+ Strategies

Posted on 21 October 2013    
New Edition: WWF Guide to Building REDD+ Strategies

The updated edition of this guide was released as an interactive e-publication in October 2013 to coincide with the international Oslo REDD+ Exchange conference being hosted by the government of Norway in Oslo, Norway, 29-30 October, 2013. This edition includes new chapters on REDD+ Registries and Stakeholder Engagement and Participation. Additional content will continue to be added with each new release.

Bilde BVSIn his Foreword to the guide, Bård Vegar Solhjell, Minister of the Environment of the Government of Norway (2012-2013) said:

The Government of Norway is pleased to support WWF’s development of this publication, WWF Guide to Building REDD+ Strategies: A toolkit for REDD+ practitioners around the globe. The guide arrives at a critical time when many tropical forest countries are in the process of, or considering, developing their national or subnational REDD+ strategies. The Government of Norway looks forward to continuing to support initiatives such as this and to seeing REDD+ realize real benefits for people and nature.

This guide provides REDD+ practitioners with the information needed to develop national and subnational REDD+ strategies. It draws on the experiences of WWF’s international REDD+ project teams and their partners, the latest literature on REDD+ practices and emerging REDD+ best practices around the world. It is designed to provide a holistic understanding of REDD+ for practitioners whether they work in a single area of REDD+ or across the field of REDD+. The guide is also designed to expand as new information becomes available, and will be regularly updated.

It is presented in a dynamic and user-friendly format and is a:
  • "How-to” intermediate-level approach to REDD+ 
  • Comprehensive vision of REDD+
  • Toolkit for REDD+ practitioners
  • Opportunity for collaborative knowledge sharing
This Updated Edition of the guide includes a full toolkit of key information for REDD+ practitioners to draw from in developing their national or subnational REDD+ strategy, including:
  • Overview of this guide and REDD+
Building Blocks of REDD+:
  • REDD+ governance -- Setting Goals, Targets and Principles, Institutional Arrangements, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, Social and Environmental Safeguards, Stakeholder Engagement and Participation
  • Tracking REDD+ -- Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting and Verification; Reference Levels, REDD+ Registries
  • Achieving REDD+ -- Intervention Strategies to Address Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation, Accessing Finance, Benefit-Sharing Mechanisms
REDD+ Resources:
  • WWF REDD+ Resources
  • REDD+ Glossary
For more information, please contact forestclimate@wwfus.org

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