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Bibo, the star at the INMA Awards

Posted on 03 May 2013    
Bibo, the star at the INMA Awards
© WWF Colombia
  • The INMA Awards were announced last night in New York City.
  • The campaign that was conceived by WWF Colombia and El Espectador, as a means of raising awareness of the importance of forests and the goods and services provided by them, has been recognized as one of the three best marketing campaigns in the world.
  • BIBO also took first place in the three categories in which it was nominated.

May 1st, 2013. Bibo, a commitment for a better living, campaign led by WWF Colombia and El Espectador, one of the main newspapers in Colombia, was among the star attractions in the INMA awards, winning in all of the categories in which it was nominated, and taking the bronze in the prestigious “Best in Show” award, representing one of the three best campaigns in the INMA Awards 2013 competition. Bibo was one of the most awarded campaigns of the night.

The BIBO Campaign, nominated in the categories of:

• Public Relations and community service,
• Marketing solutions for advertising clients, and
• Sales Retention and advertising

competed with candidates from around the world including Kenya, India, Belgium, Australia and the United States. BIBO carried the gold medal for all three categories. Moreover, the campaign was the only Spanish-speaking participant of this year´s INMA. More than 300 media executives from around the world were on hand at the awards dinner held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

The INMA Awards has recognized the world’s best marketing campaigns produced by media companies from all over the world for 78 years. The awards, which are given each year by the International Association of Media Marketing, are equivalent to the Cannes in publicity. The INMA Awards competition generated more than 500 entries from nearly 150 market-leading news media companies in 30 countries. This year´s competition was judged by a global panel of 21 executives in the media and advertising communities from 14 countries: Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, India, Pakistan, Peru, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States. Judging was based on concept, creativity, copy, design, production, effectiveness, and results.

A campaign that made history

Bibo, a commitment for a better living was born three years ago as a campaign to raise awareness and understanding in the general public of the value and benefits derived from forest goods and services for our daily well-being. Conceived as a long-term campaign that each year will be focusing on a different aspect of forest ecosystems, the campaign uses different platforms and media strategies to spread the message. In this way, together with partners, notably the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS), WWF Colombia provides the technical direction on content, scope and key topics to be developed and how, communications advice and supports the creativity strategy.

In its first year 2011, the campaign laid the foundation with general information on forests and an overview of the goods and services provided. In 2012, the integral relationship of water and forest ecosystems was the focal theme that ran through all campaign elements. The campaign built a unified communication concept and created several pieces. Youth and child audiences were involved through animated characters with the star River Otter that, through an interactive and collectable album, presented the responsible use of water.

After each campaign period, a results survey showed stunning success. The 2012 closure survey conducted in the four major cities of Colombia (Cali, Medellin, Bogota and Barranquilla) showed that 98% of respondents found the campaign to be attractive, while 97% considered it useful and 94% creative. In addition, 94% of the respondents claimed to have increased their awareness on the sustainable use of water. Today, with the INMA awards recognition, the campaign consolidates as one of the best ever done in Colombia.

For Mary Lou Higgins, Director of WWF Colombia, “These awards demonstrate how working in partnership we can effectively get out the message of the importance of nature for our health and well-being and to promote more sustainable lifestyles across the population. This recognition reveals that it is through partnerships that best practices can come alive. We are honored to be joining forces with such a visionary media partner.”

Bibo’s third phase will turn its attention to Renewable Energy and its relation to forest ecosystems.

Bibo, the star at the INMA Awards
© WWF Colombia Enlarge

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