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A Saqamoli Tyre Difference

Posted on 28 April 2013    
A Nakanacagi Villager plants a tree sponsored by ASCO Motors One Tyre One Good Deed Campaign
© Emitai Rakuro
A ‘saqamoli’, 500 trees and the green sense of a motoring company has afforded villagers of Nakanacagi on Vanua Levu future income and food security.

Additionally, the Asco Motors tree replanting project will now help protect the villager’s only protein source, a winding river that snakes its way along the village outskirts where they fish.

More than 200 villagers, ASCO Motors officials, field officers of the Department of Forestry and WWF South Pacific united in planting trees along the village river banks recently.

The tree planting project was funded through Asco Motors ‘One Tyre One Good Deed Campaign’ that ran for three months in 2012.

ASCO Motors forked out one dollar from the sale of each Bridgestone tyre during the campaign, the sum of which exceeded $4,000, directed at reforestation as part of the company’s commitment to Earth Hour.

The riparian buffer zone or the riverbank of the Nakanacagi River was rehabilitated by re-vegetating it with 530 trees of the variety Vesi, Damanu, Tavola, Irimasei, Dakua, Makadre, Cevua, Kavika, Yasi, Mandarin, Moli Tahiti, Marasa and Cau Kuro.

Planting the trees protects the river from sedimentation, polluted surface runoffs and soil erosion thereby improving the river water quality which is a prerequisite for maintaining healthy fish stocks.

Healthy fish stocks signify a good protein source for villagers.

Fruit bearing trees like the Mandarin, Kavika the Moli ni Tahiti and the valuable Yasi or sandalwood tree hold the promise of future income.

WWF South Pacific Sustainable Landuse and Livelihoods Officer Unaisi Malani said the initiative by ASCO Motors to raise finance for reforestation is wonderful because of the manifold benefits it brings, not just for Nakanacagi villagers but the country as a whole.

“Trees are the lungs of the earth and a major reason for our existence. The more we plant them the better our chances are of sustaining ourselves and our future generations,” she said.

“A great initiative that ASCO Motors has taken, in trying to give back to "mother earth" and I hope that more initiatives like this will be undertaken, for the betterment of our communities.”

ASCO Motors National Tyres and Batteries Manager, Gyanen Prasad, said contributing towards the well-being of the environment leaves a good feeling with the 260 odd Asco staff, within its five branches throughout the country.

“Tyres are made from rubber trees so we are giving back to the environment, by planting local tree species to contribute to the well-being of Fijian forests and ensure they continue to serve their ecological functions and keep nature balanced,” Prasad said.

“We are helping the environment for current and future generations and this is something that unites us all as ASCO staff – the environment.”

Forestry Officer Emitai Rakuro who led the planting activity said it is good that the issue of riverbank erosion is being practically addressed with the tree planting activity.

“Frequent flooding has often caused erosion and it is an issue that villager raise time and again.”

A Nakanacagi Villager plants a tree sponsored by ASCO Motors One Tyre One Good Deed Campaign
© Emitai Rakuro Enlarge
ASCO Motors staff at Nakanacagi to plant trees
© Emitai Rakuro Enlarge

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