New learning guide and toolkit help scale up forest and climate conservation efforts | WWF

New learning guide and toolkit help scale up forest and climate conservation efforts

Posted on 12 April 2013    
Forest and Climate Initiative -- Learning Manual
Washington, DC – 12 April 2013 – A new learning guide and toolkit for those working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) has been release today by WWF’s Forest and Climate Initiative, giving REDD+ practitioners around the globe more capacity to scale up REDD+ related activities and replicate successful ones. 
The guide, From the Tree of Practices to the Forest of Knowledge: A guide to identifying, capturing, sharing and communicating REDD+ Inspiring Practices, is designed to provide REDD+ practitioners with the understanding and skills to identify, capture, share and communicate practices and lessons learned through a collaborative and participatory process.  It was developed to support REDD+ practitioners, who are often learning by doing due to the evolving nature of REDD+, to reflect on their work in an innovative way – and to enable them to share their experiences and knowledge with others. The knowledge gathered represents practices that have been either successful or challenging -- inspiring practices.
“This guide helps identify, capture and share REDD+ inspiring practices so that these can be replicated and scaled up to realize valuable benefits to people and nature,” said Maria Jose Pacha, WWF Forest and Climate Initiative Knowledge Sharing and Learning Manager, and co-author of the guide. 
Part one of the guide outlines the model and steps to identify, collect, organize and share REDD+ practices and lessons learned. It provides clear, short definitions of main concepts, guidance and tools. Part two is a hands-on “toolbox” that provides detailed methods and activities for project managers and their team to use to reflect on their REDD+ work and to identify lessons learned. Each of the 15 “tools” includes guidance on the goals, process and participant roles for each activity.
The tools are both part of the guide, and available as individual PDFs, allowing them to be printed for easy use.
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