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Learning Guide & Toolkit

Posted on 08 April 2013    
Forest and Climate Initiative -- Learning Manual

From the Tree of Practices to the Forest of Knowledge: A guide to identifying, capturing, sharing and communicating REDD+ Inspiring Practices

This guide is designed to provide REDD+ practitioners with the understanding and skills to identify, capture and share lessons learned that promote successful REDD+ initiatives. This is done through the process of collective knowledge building—learning by identifying and sharing experiences together with others. This guide also helps REDD+ practitioners to recognize and reflect on lessons learned—an important step in the learning process.
Part One of this guide outlines the model and steps to identify, collect, organize and share REDD+ practices and lessons learned. It provides clear, short definitions of main concepts, guidance and tools. 
Part Two of this guide is a hands-on “toolbox” that provides detailed methods and activities for you and your team to use in reflecting on your REDD+ work and in identifying lessons learned. Each of the 15 “tools” includes guidance on the goals, process and participant roles for each activity.
The tools are both part of the manual, and available as individual PDFs, allowing them to be printed for easy use.

For more information and to access the Guide and Toolkit visit here.

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