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Innovative REDD+ Online Community and Learning Platform Launches

Posted on 08 April 2013
Washington, DC – 8 April 2013 – REDD+ practitioners around the world have a new free and open online community and learning platform, with the public launch today of This innovative platform gives users working on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) the ability to connect with others, access technical learning information, learn about upcoming REDD+ related events, sign up for free REDD+ related webinars, share their experiences and learn from others around the globe – enabling them to progress REDD+ and start harnessing its benefits to people and nature. 
The platform was developed by WWF’s Forest and Climate Initiative (WWF-FCI) as a capacity building tool for REDD+ practitioners – including representatives of governments, non-profits, community organizations, multi-national organizations, development organizations and businesses. The platform is designed to reflect a wide array of REDD+ perspectives and experiences, and not necessarily those of WWF. Community members with diverse interests, skills and from varying geographies are invited to post and share their own REDD+ lessons learned, event information, publications, technical tools, news, images, video, etc. Through this knowledge exchange process, practitioners can build their capacity to deliver successful REDD+ initiatives worldwide that create impact.
This online platform is also designed to complement and build on other online resources currently available to REDD+ practitioners – linking to and sharing with these. As the platform grows in scope, and representatives of a broad base of organizations working on REDD+ related issues become members, it is envisioned that the platform will be self-managed by the community itself. 
“As REDD+ continues to be defined, practitioners are often having to ‘learn by doing’,” said Maria José Pacha, lead developer and WWF FCI Knowledge Sharing and Learning Manager. “For this reason, it is crucial to have a platform where practitioners can connect with each other and share experiences about what works and what doesn’t.”
It is anticipated that this sharing of knowledge will help to strengthen capacities across REDD+ countries, landscapes and topics – including finance, policy, climate, governance, rights, livelihoods, development, conservation, etc. This process is also expected to play an important role in linking on-the-ground REDD+ experiences with global policy debates and vice versa. 
“ has the ability to create impacts for people, the planet and conservation by harnessing and developing the vast and diverse global knowledge and experiences of REDD+ via a single, open platform,” said Bruce Cabarle, WWF FCI Leader. 
The pillars of are two key tools for practitioners – Communities of Practice and Inspiring Practices. A Community of Practice enables users to convene virtually and cost-effectively on a specific REDD+ area of work, post and answer relevant questions, access specific technical information and exchange lessons learned. A vibrant Community of Practice convened on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) is being launched with the site. 
Inspiring Practices are case studies of REDD+ experiences, which are created by users and shared to build capacity. They provide a roadmap for those seeking to apply REDD+ lessons learned to their own work – outlining what worked and what did not, stakeholder participation, challenges, successes, project timeline and key lessons learned, among other useful information. is launching with three exciting Inspiring Practices related to REDD+ projects in Colombia and Peru, and the development of an Indigenous REDD+ proposal. 
As the grows, it will become an even greater resource for practitioners around the world and will help REDD+ reach its full potential. is possible thanks to the expertise, advice and content shared by our collaborators. Please visit at, become a member, and join the global REDD+ conversation.
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WWF gratefully acknowledges the support of the Government of Norway for this initiative through a grant administered by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). The views expressed on are not intended to reflect the policy views of either of these entities or their affiliates.

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