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Prince Albert II Foundation Project takes off in Nepal and Bhutan

Posted on 08 April 2013    
PAF Project site in Bhutan
Koshi and Dangme chhu river basins traversing through Nepal and Bhutan are of considerable significance for the hydrology of the Eastern Himalayas. However, the impacts of climate change is affecting weather patterns in the Himalayas, hampering the food production, hydropower investment as well as causing negative impacts on biodiversity and the lives of millions of people dependent on these water sources of the Himalayas.
To address these impacts, WWF is implementing an Integrated River Basin Management (IBRM) in both the basins and their sub –basins (Dudhkoshi in Nepal and Kulong chhu in Bhutan) with the local communities and partners. The project, titled “The Living Himalayas- Securing the Water Towers of Asia” is being jointly implemented in the two sub-basins by WWF- Nepal, WWF- Bhutan, and WWF- LHGI supported by Prince Albert II Foundation. The project is for a period of three years and actual implementation began since January 2013.
In Bhutan, the PAF project is being implemented by Watershed Management Division under the Department of Forests and Park Services, Royal Government of Bhutan in collaboration with WWF. The funds have been released for the first activity of building national consensus on IRBM in Kulong chhu sub-basin under Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary. The World Water Day was celebrated earlier this year in Bumdeling by restoration of a wetland locally known as Dung Tsho in Dungsam
In Nepal, community based local Integrated Resource Management Committees (IRMCs) are implementing the project activities in the two catchment areas of Siku and Pankhu in Dudhkoshi sub-basin with support from WWF Nepal. Nepal is also working on the larger Indrawati basin on similar lines from other funding sources. Five hundred households stand to benefit from the project outcomes that build capacity in the two catchment areas in the conservation and management of existing water resources.

PAF Project site in Bhutan
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