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Great music can save the planet!

Posted on 22 March 2013    
Lucho Quequezana - La Hora del Planeta Perú
© Diego Perez / WWF Perú
• For the first time in Peru, a concert powered by solar energy will be given, during Earth Hour.

• Famous Peruvian musician Lucho Quequezana will give a groundbreaking concert in Lima’s Main Square on Saturday night.

Lima, March 22, 2013
. This Saturday 23, Peruvians will have even more reasons to celebrate and join the world’s largest environmental movement: Earth Hour. For the first time ever, we will witness an extraordinary live concert powered exclusively by solar energy.

Lucho Quequezana, a re-known musician who has travelled around the world promoting Peruvian music, has joined this year’s Earth Hour as Ambassador. On a video disseminated today Lucho greets his fans and calls Lima’s citizens to join this movement and take part in this concert.

“I want to invite you all this Saturday 23 to join Earth Hour in Lima’s Main Square. From 8:30 to 9:30 we will turn off the lights and give the first concert with clean energy; powered by solar energy”, stated.

Earth Hour is a global initiative fostered by WWF, the world’s conservation organization, which began on 2007 when 2,2 million people turned off their lights, as a first step to face climate change. The following year, 50 million participated, and in 2009 more than 1000 million people around the world joined, turning this initiative into the world’s largest environmental movement in history. This year, Peru participated for the first time, becoming a leader with 8 million Peruvians taking part, that is, 1 out of every 3 citizens. During the following years, the message expanded, involving population, private companies and authorities along the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon; even the President joined the campaign by encouraging citizens to massively participate.

In this regard, the concert has been possible thanks to the joint effort of the Ministry of the Environment, the Municipality of Lima, WWF and innovative companies, such as Everblue and OMP. This is not only a great chance to enjoy the talent of one of our best musicians, but also an excellent example of creativity and innovation; everybody can help to build sustainable future.

This Saturday 23 at 8:30 p.m. Lucho will place Peru, once again, in the world spotlight, showing that the great music can also help save the planet.

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Lucho Quequezana - La Hora del Planeta Perú
© Diego Perez / WWF Perú Enlarge
Marcas Comprometidas
© WWF Perú Enlarge

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