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Climate Summit bearing fruit

Posted on 15 March 2013    
Coordination Group of the Summit for a Living Himalayas (SLH) comprising of delegates from four countries (India, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh) met again on 23 February 2013. For the WWF LHGI, decisions taken by this Group in this meeting are a big step towards large scale regional action in the Eastern Himalayas.

For the next one year, as endorsed by the Group, Government of India will lead the coordination work for carrying out of the Framework of Cooperation (FoC) of the SLH.
Organizations like WWF and ADB were credited as reliable supporters to coordinate and provide assistance to carry out regional project proposals. WWF has been supporting the Summit from its inception. Also, ADB has approved a Regional Technical Assistance (ReTA) of over USD one Million for developing large regional proposal relevant to FoC.

The Group also selected regional project proposals, based on do-ability and relevancy to the FoC of the Summit for a Living Himalayas. This is where the LHGI’s objective on ‘sustainable development that is responsible for the Ecosystem Services’ and ‘safeguarding the East Himalayan Ecosystems’ were prioritized as some of the components to take forward.

The selected projects include:
•    Strengthen Institutional capacities for resource assessment on renewable energy.
•    Promote eco-efficient water infrastructure for effective adaptation to climate change.
•    Safeguard the EH ecosystems from degradation and resource utilization.
•    Enhance ecosystem resilience by promoting biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use in EH.
•    Apply appropriate technology to adapt to impacts of CC and improve water use efficiency for enhanced crop productivity in the Ganges and Brahmaputra basins.

Indian delegation identified the ‘India Endowment for Climate Change in South Asia’ as a potential source of funding for the implementation of the regional projects.
The coordination group also agreed to review their respective Network of Institutions and submit to the Secretariat by 15 March 2013. The Group endorsed a timeline until the next meeting scheduled for the 17July, 2013.


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