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Peru embraces sustainability global standards (RSPO) for Palm Oil

Posted on 06 March 2013    
Palm Oil - Perú
• Global corporations, such as Unilever, plan to use only RSPO certified palm oil as of 2014

Lima, Peru. February 28. The advance of oil palm farmlands nationally, particularly in the Amazon, is rapidly growing. Unfortunately, this growth – without clear and appropriate parameters – might entail the extensive degradation of forests, its biodiversity and the environmental services provided to local populations and to the world. Thus, it can easily underpin social conflicts.

WWF proposes to embrace the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) International Standards, for addressing this situation which is taking place across tropical rainforests around the world. This tool enables to halt the environmental impacts of this commodity; ensuring that primary forests are not replaced by new palm plantations, as well as encouraging an integrated environmental management and fostering the respect towards rural population’s rights, especially those of indigenous peoples.

In this regard, for the first time, Peru through the local roundtable on palm oil already has a first interpretation of the relevant Peruvian legislation on palm oil to eventually adopt and foster RSPO standards.

“The standards are general expressions, such as ‘protect the environment’. However, in order to implement such recommendations and criteria, it is necessary to understand the laws in each particular country regarding this issue. Through this interpretation it will possible to know which is the relevant legislation and which are the public organizations more suited to organize and promote the sustainable development of palm oil in Peru”, stated Carlos Soria, WWF’s Specialist.

It is expected to have a final interpretation document of the applicable national legislation regarding RSPO standards on March 15, 2013.
Palm Oil - Perú
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