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EXPERT OPINION: Tinho Pereira Goncalves

Posted on 08 February 2013

Fresh from his experience in Berau's (East Kalimantan) aquaculture sector with the help of WWF, Tinho talks about the skills he has learned and his plans for sustainable aquaculture in his native Timor Leste.

What pushed you to get involved in the aquaculture sector?

The most important reason for me to be involved in aquaculture is because this sector gives me knowledge about how we can develop fish farming that is environment-friendly, sustainable, and can produce healthy fish that has economic value.

What are the highlights of your experience working in Berau?

The most interesting experience I got during my assignment in Berau was that I obtained knowledge about grouper fish farming using Floating Net Cage and Fixed Net Cage systems, which are environment-friendly and do not cause any pollution during the farming process.

What skills/lessons have you gained which you think can be applied in Timor Leste?

During my internship I learned about grouper fish farming with Floating Net Cage and Fixed Net Cage systems, and coastal area monitoring both inside and outside the farming area in order to maintain the environment.

What is your assessment of the aquaculture sector in Timor Leste?

What I want to implement in Timor Leste is fish farming using environment-friendly Floating-net Cage and Fixed-net Cage systems that generates high economic value. The aquaculture sector in Timor Leste is currently developed by government institutions as well as international NGOs related to fish farming, and the area is very suitable for fish with high economic value.

What needs to be done so that it can grow sustainably? Can it?

To develop fish farming, it is important to pay attention to the farming area. It must be suitable for fish farming and may not be polluted by domestic waste, or other activities that destroy corals or other marine ecosystems.

What are your plans for the near future?

My plan in the near future is to develop environment-friendly aquaculture and in the long term, I will try to develop aquaculture by using Floating Net Cages and Fixed Net Cages based on my experience in Berau.

Tinho Pereira Goncalves
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