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Traceall get positive response

Posted on 12 December 2012    
Participants of the Coral Triangle Fishers Forum have made specific commitments in implementing responsible business practices to address sustainability issues in the Coral Triangle region, such as IUU fishing. Progress and updates on such commitments can be found on this website in the interim, and unless specifically indicated, do not necessarily connote any direct partnership with, or endorsement by, WWF.

Traceall were delighted by the response they received to their onboard E Log product. Subsequent to this meeting, we have had considerable interest from several Fijian companies to purchase the product. The first two transfer vessels to have our integrated onboard bar coding and traceability solution installed on board looks to take place in the fall of 2012.

The onshore traceability solution FishTrace is being installed in the latter part of this year. This will provide our customer with a fully integrated online traceability solution for their tuna. A further 20 vessels supplying our customers are being reviewed with the intention that they will also be equipped with the onboard software. This has taken place as a direct result of the CTFF Suva conference.

The WWF in the Philippines have also been in contact and we are reviewing our offering to accommodate the requirements in the Philippines.

Traceall attended a tri-nation IMS, FFA meeting in Brisbane in July as a direct result of introductions made in Suva. We presented our software solution in detail. This was followed by in detail debate as to the exact requirements of the region and the challenges they face.

This gave us an incredible insight into the reality of delivering a Pacific tuna catch documentation system and something that will allow us to work with the relevant parties in the Pacific. Traceall are liaising closely with FFA with a view to working more closely as a consultancy / technology provider to the group.

The company has also been continuing to dialogue with CTFF members in Majuro to better understand the community requirements of the smaller inshore fisheries and the challenges they face. We are proposing to review a small low cost mobile phone app that we could develop to assist the islands fishers.

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