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Blog 8: leaving the Heart of Borneo

Posted on 31 October 2012    
WWF supporters
© WWF-Indonesia / Klarissa Ekaputri
“Woke up feeling sad. I’m going to miss the people and places on this trip. It’s been truly life-changing.”

“I hope WWF and other organisations are successful in saving the Heart of Borneo. I was shocked at the amount of degraded forest I saw. I hope the HoB will stay just as preserved, pristine and amazing when I take my children there.”

“I have learnt so much this trip. About the culture, the environment, the people, my friends and my self. The Heart of Borneo trip was no doubt a life changing experience for me.”

“Thank you HoB for the amazing experience. It changed me…for the better. Hope to meet all you wonderful and inspiring people soon.”

“I was hit by a strong feeling of sadness knowing today was the last day of the trip. Hard to return to real life after this. It has been an amazing week and I can’t believe some of the things I’ve done. This has been an opportunity not many will have and I will cherish it for however long I can.”

“It was truly an amazing experience and we cannot thank WWF enough for giving us such a wild ride. I salute the organization for its tireless efforts to help preserve the forest, culture and wildlife of Borneo.”

“I was very sad as before I even arrive at Jakarta, I can already feel that I will miss the trip so much. I really do hope that we can reunite and visit Kalimantan together again in the future.”

“This trip was one of the trips that will stay in my memory as this trip is fun yet unforgettable. It is challenging and it forced me to do something that I haven't tried before. This trip also pushes me to do things that are over my limit and now I know my real abilities (such as trekking).”

“It was a really emotional goodbye because everyone had bonded with everyone else. I guess that’s what happens to you when you’re put in unfamiliar circumstances! No words can explain how life changing and precious this experience is to me. I think this Is a kind of experience that money can’t buy. If given the chance, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Reading back over these entries as I added them to this blog post gave me goosebumps. It was truly inspiring to see these students open themselves up and jump in to the adventure. They were interested, intelligent and enthusiastic. The kind of change-agents I want to see in the world. Thank you for making the trip so memorable.
WWF supporters
© WWF-Indonesia / Klarissa Ekaputri Enlarge
WWF's West Kalimantan team demonstrating their dance moves
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge
Providing the Heart of Borneo School Trip with a soundtrack
© WWF-Indonesia / Sugeng Hendratno Enlarge
Trees on the climb up Bukit Peninjau, West Kalimantan
© WWF-Indonesia / Jane Spence Enlarge

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