Géant/Le Marché and EWS-WWF volunteers encourage UAE community to use less plastic bags | WWF

Géant/Le Marché and EWS-WWF volunteers encourage UAE community to use less plastic bags

Posted on 24 July 2012    
Shoppers at Geant
July 15, 2012: Dubai, UAE Géant/Le Marché partnered with EWS-WWF volunteers to raise awareness on the negative impacts of plastic bags, and to encourage its customers to switch to reusable bags in support of its ‘No Plastic Bag campaign’ at its Ibn Battuta outlet.

This comes as part of Géant/Le Marché’s continued efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags, and it’s commitment to support EWS-WWF’s environmental causes and initiatives.

EWS-WWF volunteers distributed re-usable bags and informative leaflets, to encourage Géant/Le Marché customers to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags. To encourage customers to use re-usable bags, Géant/Le Marché asks their customers to borrow a plastic bag for a deposit of 25fils. When the bag is returned, the deposit is refunded to the customer.

Ranjith Punja, Merchandise Manager, Géant Hypermarket, said: “Across the world, our chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets is committed to supporting programmes that serve the public and which are beneficial to the natural environment of the country in which they operate. In the UAE, we started this ‘No Plastic’ initiative in recognition of our social and environmental conservation responsibilities. In doing so, we are also contributing to the efforts of the Ministry of Environment and Water towards a UAE that is free of plastic bags. Today, we can look back with immense pride at the fact that a unique local retail initiative that we pioneered four years ago continues to encourage tens of thousands of shoppers to contribute their mite towards environmental conservation.”

Géant/Le Marché has also been supporting EWS-WWF’s efforts and local projects through their No Plastic Bag Campaign. For those choosing to recycle their bags elsewhere, Géant/Le Marché donates the 25 fils deposit to EWS-WWF, in support of its different environmental initiatives and activities. This in turn is contributing to EWS-WWF’s mission to reduce the Ecological Footprint, tackle climate change and preserve biodiversity.

Ida Tillisch, Acting Director General of EWS-WWF: “We are grateful to Géant/Le Marché, for taking the initiative to reduce the amount of plastic bags that could harm our natural environment and wildlife. Géant/Le Marché is demonstrating the important role that the private sector can play in saving the environment. We are keen to continue working with dedicated and committed partners, to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.”

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