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Report on Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change

Posted on 27 May 2012    
Report on Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change, as a result of desk-based research on resilience of forests to climate change and transformation measures, has been prepared in the framework of the project increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change in the South Caucasus Countries through forest transformation (Project No. DCI-ENV/2010/221391).

The report consists of seven chapters. Chapter 1 provides for introduction. Chapter 2 of this report presents a short overview of the forests of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, their importance, and the pressures and threats that they face. Chapter 3 presents information about changes in the climate in the region up to the present day and predicted future changes from modelling studies. Chapter 4 describes the impacts of changes in the climate on forests generally and the impacts that we should expect on forests in the South Caucasus. Chapter 5 describes strategies for mitigating the impacts of climate change on forests including adaptation of forests to climate change. Chapter 6 discusses resilience and close to nature forest management and recommends a process for elaborating transform plans for the pilot sites. Chapter 7 provides a brief outlook for the pilot sites in the face of the uncertainty surrounding the predictions about the future climate.

The report will serve as a narrative guide for transformation planning in all three countries involved (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia).

The report is available on this web-page for download in PDF version.

For further information:

Malkhaz Dzneladze
Regional Coordinator, EU ENRTP Caucasus Project
11, M. Aleksidze Str., Tbilisi 0193, Georgia
Tel.: + (995 32) 2-237-500

For more detailed information on the Project please visit:

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