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Consultancy announcements

Posted on 26 April 2012    
1) Consultancy to Develop a Pan-African Youth Strategy on Learning
The objective main objective of the consultancy is to develop a Pan African Youth Strategy on Learning for Sustainability that will:
  • Provide background on current activities in the region by diverse players that provide learning for sustainability and promote sustainable development among the youth.
  • Provide a deep insight on challenges that cause the youth not to contribute towards empowering their lives and contribute towards sustainable development.
  • Develop an implementation strategy that will guide the youth and different stakeholders on youth empowerment towards sustainable development.
  • Develop an accompanying integrated action plan annexed to the strategy that will support/guide the implementation of the Pan African Youth Strategy by different stakeholders including the youth.
2) Consultancy to carry out Documentation of Best Practices for Whole School Approach Experience in LVCEEP Schools
  • The main objective of the consultancy is to document whole school approach experiences in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in order to show:
  • Impact of the Whole School Approach in relation to student enrolment, retention, completion and performance in LVCEEP Schools.
  • Whole school approach methodologies that have contributed to success in LVCEEP schools.
  • ESD best practices that have been achieved in LVCEEP schools.
  • How whole school approach has contributed to improved conservation of the Lake Victoria Catchment beyond the school environment through the school – community links.
  • The impact of the LVCEEP programme beyond the direct programme beneficiaries. 
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