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Sharing the experience

Posted on 19 July 2011    
Sergio in WWF Warsaw.
© WWF / Sergio Rejado Albaina
Back to Spain and on the road again

As you already know, if you have read until here, the last part of the Explore! Program consists on sharing your experience when coming back home. For that, your imagination is free to choose what to do, but generally you are expected to give about 3 conferences about your volunteer placement.
In my case, I embarked on a new trip, this time around Spain, to give my conferences. Some friends of mine helped me to organize the talks in their universities, and I also stopped in the WWF Office in Madrid and even in my own home University.

Rollin’ around Europe

I thought I was done with my duties towards Explore!, but this new small adventure didn’t stop there. As I spent the following semester in Brussels, I had the opportunity to share also my experience in WWF Belgium. Moreover, during a non-related trip to Eastern Europe, I took advantage to drop by WWF Poland, and even to give a seminar as guest lecturer for the Master students of Restoration and Management of the Environment, in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Closing the cycle

For continuing with the dynamic on the program, these conferences provided me with a lot of new acquaintances and helped me, once again, to learn a lot of new things. This time, the main learning field was communication, and it was a new and interesting challenge to overcome. As I have also written some articles for different publications, I have touched a little of both written, spoken and audiovisual communication procedures, all of them being enormously important in the contemporary world.

The Explore! program was an extremely enriching opportunity for me, and it has been a pleasure to share it in so many places. My audiences were fantastic, and made me always feel like at home. From the technical details of the project to the anecdotes, they welcomed all the information very positively and they were always very interested in all the details and little histories about my placement and the work of WWF in Vondrozo and Madagascar.


To sum up, I encourage all the future volunteers to take as much advantage as possible from this last part of the program. If you make the effort to move around, it will be a very rewarding experience, you will learn a lot and you will make a very good networking. Just go for it!


I would like to acknowledge all the people who helped me to organize the different conferences and gave me the opportunity to share my adventures with them:

- Celia López Cañizares, friend and member of the S.A.B. (Asociación Sectoral de Alumnos de Biología de Granada), for her unvaluable help to organize my very ever first conference, which took in the University of Granada.

- Andoni Santander Areitio, friend and member of Colectivo Bellotero, for giving me the help and the support for the talk in the University of Salamanca.

- WWF Spain, Madrid Office.

- Enrique Baquero, professor and friend, who helped me to organize the conference in the University of Navarra, my home university.

- WWF Belgium, Brusses Office.

- WWF Poland, Warsaw Office.

- Stanislaw Gawronksi, Professor in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, for the opportunity to share my history and experience with his students.

Sergio in WWF Warsaw.
© WWF / Sergio Rejado Albaina Enlarge
One of the posters I used for announcing the conferences.
© WWF / Sergio Rejado Albaina Enlarge
The poster for the conference in the University of Granada.
© WWF / Sergio Rejado Albaina / Celia López Cañizares Enlarge

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