Volunteers energize new Earth Hour TV ad

Posted on 21 February 2011    
Volunteers form the 'pixels' that make up the images in Earth Hour's 2011 TV commercial
© Earth Hour
Early last week, Earth Hour's 2011 TV commercial began sweeping the globe with a call for people everywhere to take action for our planet and switch off their lights for one hour at 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March.

But Earth Hour 2011 – and its people-powered TVC - comes with a big plus this year and encourages everyone to go ‘beyond the hour’ by doing something that has ongoing benefits for the environment.

“The concept behind the ad goes along with the idea of Earth Hour, of people coming together to achieve a unified goal. The ad itself involved over 100 people coming together to form various images that pertain to Earth Hour,” says commercial director Greg Jardin.

“We have the image of a globe, we have the image of a bike because this year is ‘Earth Hour Plus’, so in addition to people turning off their lights, people are encouraged to do one other thing to save the environment - so in this case it’s ride their bike to work,” he added. 

Developed by the creative minds at Leo Burnett and produced by Radical Media, the ad’s over 100 Earth Hour volunteers illustrate that every pixel counts – quite literally.

The new TV spot was quickly followed by a behind-the-scenes look at how producers Radical Media sourced the Earth Hour volunteers online over Facebook and filmed the commercial in only 40 takes in just 12 hours with 33 crew members.

Earth Hour Co-Founder Andy Ridley said, “Earth Hour has grown exponentially year on year since its inception in 2007. We have been overwhelmed by the power of individuals and communities to come together and send a powerful message by switching off the lights. Just imagine what we could achieve if we take this beyond the hour.

“Our 2008 TVC was seen by more than 1.3 million people worldwide. We hope this video, which will be viewed by people across the globe, will drive even more involvement in and awareness of Earth Hour.”
Volunteers form the 'pixels' that make up the images in Earth Hour's 2011 TV commercial
© Earth Hour Enlarge

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