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Report: Green Business Network

Posted on 08 January 2011    
WWF Heart of Borneo Green Business Network report cover
The Green Business Network aims to provide tools and support to businesses willing to work towards a sustainable future for the Heart of Borneo. By working together we can secure the natural resources on which businesses rely and develop an international reputation for the Heart of Borneo as a place to do green and sustainable business.

We aim to work with:
  • Businesses operating, financing or sourcing materials in the HoB: The GBN is dedicated to communicating the information that your business needs to know; how will the government define and enforce ‘sustainable land use’ in your sector? How can you access carbon financing by improving sustainable management in your concession? What are others in your sector doing on sustainability?

    We also aim to develop and communicate a range of solutions to sustainable and profitable business development in the HoB. This report accompanies the launch of Heart of Borneo Green Business Network and is aimed in particular at three key business sectors in the HoB: forestry, palm oil and mining.

  • Other organisations committed to supporting forests, climate and communities: The GBN is being initiatied by WWF but it is set up to welcome any and all organisations that can support sustainable business in the HoB.

    You might be a business interested to share financial resources and skills, a consultancy looking to offer sustainability advice, a donor looking to support innovative private sector conservation mechanisms or an NGO also working on sustainable business solutions in the HoB.

    This report and the related strategy for the GBN are the product of extensive interviews and surveys involving over 80 companies currently operating in and around the HoB focus area.
Visit for more details on how your business can benefit from the GBN or email: to add your details to our distribution list.
WWF Heart of Borneo Green Business Network report cover
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